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1. Legal Statement
2. Terms of use
2.1 Copyright information
2.1.1 General use of the website
2.1.2 Conditions for use of the website
1. Legal Statement

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P.O. Box 12114, Mill St, Cape Town 8010A
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Chief Executive Officer: Rudolph Pieterse
Company Seat: Cape Town
Responsible commercial register: Chamber of Commerce, Cape Town.
This website was created and is operated by Multidimensions

2. Terms of Use
2.1 Copyright Information

Your access to and use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions and all applicable laws. By accessing and using this website, you accept the following terms and conditions, without limitation or qualification. Unless otherwise stated, the contents of this site including, but not limited to, the text and images contained herein and their arrangement are the property of Multidimensions. All trademarks used or referred to in this website are the property of their respective owners. The website and the content provided in the website, including, but not limited to, graphic images, audio, video, html code, buttons and text, may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way, without the prior written consent of Multidimensions, except that you may download, display and print one copy of the materials on any single computer solely for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that you do not modify the material in any way and you keep intact all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices.

2.1.1 General Use of the Website

The information provided on this website is free of charge and for informational purposes only; it does not create a business or professional services relationship between you and Multidimensions. Links on this website may lead to services or websites not operated by Multidimensions. No judgment or warranty is made with respect to such other services or websites and Multidimensions accepts no responsibility for such other websites or services. A link to another website or service is not an endorsement of that website or service. Any use you make of the information provided on this website, or any website or service linked to via this website, is at your own risk.

Multidimensions maintains this website in South Africa and you agree that these terms of use and any legal action or proceedings relating to this website shall be governed by South African law. If you attempt to bring any legal proceedings against Multidimensions, you specifically acknowledge that Multidimensions is free to choose the jurisdiction of preference as to where such action against us may be pursued. As you have agreed by using this site to choose the laws of South Africa to govern any such proceedings, we will probably choose to defend any such action in GSouthAfrica and we can make this decision entirely as it suits us, without regard to where in the world you are located, or from where in the world you visited this site.

2.1.2 Conditions for use of the Website

1. All images, text and/or graphic designs on the website are protected by copyright, unless stated otherwise, and without written permission of Multidimensions should only be used for the purposes specified in the conditions of use of the website, as described on the website. Multidimensions accepts no liability for such use and does not guarantee that material displayed on the website does not infringe the legal rights of third parties.

2. Although Multidimensions strives to the best of its ability to ensure that the information on the website is accurate and up to date, this information is not legally binding. Multidimensions does not provide any guarantee or warranty in any way and does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. Multidimensions also accepts no liability whatsoever for errors or omissions contained in this website.
3. Multidimensions excludes liability for minor cases of negligence or breach of duty, provided that these involve neither significant contractual obligations, nor life, health or body, and do not concern the provisions of product liability law. This also applies to breaches of duty by our third party agents. Multidimensions will take reasonable precautions to avoid any undesired loss of data, including in particular the daily production of back up copies of all data and programmes.

4. All messages or other material sent to the website whether by email or in other form, including data, questions, comments and the like, will be treated as not confidential and therefore not intellectual property. The entire material sent to the website becomes the property of Multidimensions and may be freely used including, but not limited to, reproduction, publication, transmission, disclosure, duplication and distribution. Furthermore, Multidimensions has the freedom to make use of any constituent parts of material supplied to its website, such as ideas, concepts, know-how and procedures, including but not limited to the development, creation and marketing of products involving the application of this information. The claim of users to intellectual or commercial trademark rights will remain unaffected.

5. Images on the website showing people or places are either the property of Multidimensions or are used with the relevant permission of the legal owner. Any use of these pictures other than private use by yourself or other people is forbidden, in so far as no other provision of these conditions for use of the website permits this specifically in another location on the website. The illegal use of images may infringe copyrights, trademark rights, rights of personal privacy or publicity rights.

6. When using this website you must respect the copyrights, name and trademark rights as well as all proprietary rights of third parties. All Multidimensions websites are protected for example, including the images, music and brand names appearing on them. Neither these websites nor the conditions of use attaching to them should be understood as representing a licence or as granting any other right to proprietary rights held by Multidimensions.

7. Multidimensions does not vet any websites which may be accessed via a link on its own website and is not responsible for the content of websites other than its own or for the websites of third parties. If you access these via a link from the Multidimensions website, you do this at your own risk and without the sanction of Multidimensions.
Multidimensions declares specifically that at the time a link to a foreign website is created, the content to which the Multidimensions website is linked is free from illegal material. Multidimensions has no control whatsoever over the current and future design or over the content of the linked page. Therefore Multidimensions dissociates itself herewith explicitly from all content of all linked pages which have been modified after the link from the Multidimensions website was created.

8. Although where appropriate, Multidimensions controls and vets discussions, news, messages, bulletin boards and the like on the website, Multidimensions is not liable for these and accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of the communication forum, specifically for errors, defamation, libel, slander, omissions, damage to reputation, profanity, pornography, religious intolerance, threats or inaccuracies in the information contained in the communication forum of the website. It is forbidden to transmit or make available as messages containing illegal, threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, offensive, provocative, pornographic or disparaging material or material which represents behaviour liable to prosecution or which incites such behaviour, or which contravenes other statutory provisions with regard to conduct. Multidimensions co-operates fully with the authorities and courts which may request or order Multidimensions to disclose the identity of a person who has supplied the information or material or made available the news. Multidimensions reserves the right to delete any impermissible material, as defined in subparagraph 8, without any further notice. Furthermore, Multidimensions reserves the right to exclude any user who contravenes these conditions of use and in particular subparagraph 8, from using any of the services provided within the framework of this website. Furthermore, Multidimensions emphasises that any entries made by the user on the website as well as email communications forwarded by the user to specific addressees do not represent the views of Multidimensions.

9. If you make your mobile telephone number and/or your email address publicly available whilst using the services provided on the website, please note that Multidimensions is not responsible for any consequences arising as a result. Details of your personal data provided for registration purposes are not included in this definition of publication.

10. Multidimensions reserves the right to amend the current website conditions at any time. You are bound by such amendments and should therefore check these pages regularly to keep up to date on the current website conditions.

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