School principals must be seen as a critical part of our Covid-19 recovery effort

As we brace ourselves to crest the Covid-19 wave, another crisis is taking deep root in our country. This crisis will far outlive the Coronavirus pandemic, and its impact will be devastating. To date our rightful focus has been on frontline workers and frontline issues including health, public safety, policing, nutrition and aid. Those of […]

Tribute to Molly Blackburn

My mother Molly Blackburn was best known for her work in the Eastern Cape standing up against the apartheid regime. As someone who took the side of the the under dog, and was appalled by the gross in-equalities in our country. She listened to the youth who had been shot or detained by security police. She was a mother to many who were detained. I have memories of her telling me how she had had a call from a mother desperate to find her child. Molly said to me ‘Well I just I popped in un-announced to one of the PE jails, walking around calling the missing child’s name.’ She told me how she heard the response…MOLLY MOLLY…I’M HERE.