Photoshop Basic to Intermediate

Ever wondered why the cover models look so good? Ever wanted to fix a photograph or create your own poster?

How about changing 500 photos to grayscale or duotone with the press of a button? Colour correcting, painting, making selections, using masks, correcting digital photographs, using Camera RAW? These are all buzz words for power users of Photoshop.

Maybe it’s time you learn what this powerful software is all about and why it’s the unrivalled photo and design manipulation package worldwide. We will take you on a hands-on journey to get you up and running and designing in a flash. We’ll teach you all about layers, selections, colour corrections; using Bridge, manipulating photos, using Text and everything else you’ve always wondered about -ending off in your first full movie poster design.

What you will learn...

  • How to use Photoshop
  • How to manipulate photos
  • How to colour correct photos for print
  • How to use layers
  • Making selections and copying selections between documents
  • How to use Adobe Bridge
  • How to change photo information
  • What is ‘Camera RAW?’
  • Creating actions in Photoshop
  • Enhancing photographs
  • Creating a movie poster or marketing material in Photoshop

What you will be able to do...

  • Manipulate/Enhance any photo
  • Create printable ads or posters with text and photos
  • Create content for websites or printed material
  • Painting, retouching and enhancing an image
  • Working with layers
  • Working with selections
  • Masks and channels
  • Correcting and enhancing digital photos
  • Typographic design
  • Use Adobe Bridge to find files and do batch processing.

What attendees had to say about this course...

"I could create a full poster by the end of the day, great course and training pace!" - In any event Productsions

"I enjoyed the practicality of the course, very hands-on" - Pharmafrance

"Practival explanations and a great trainer, patient as well" - Spree

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