InDesign Pro Skills

InDesign has become the unrivalled industry master in layout and smart design. Now let us show you how to use it to its utmost, to work faster and smarter.

Have you experienced InDesign’s full power yet? In this one day workshop we take a look at the more advanced features in InDesign and some super tricks of the trade to enable you to work faster and smarter.

Speed up your design workflow with expert advice on grids, styles, templates and typography. Take ajourney through 50 essential techniques to help you design better and faster. Learn how to use object styles properly, come to grips with advanced grids and working with GREP styles.

If InDesign is your software of choice then this is a must-do course for you! 

What you will learn...

  • Advanced tips for working in InDesign
  • How to set up proper grids (Modular and Mathematical)
  • Advanced typography
  • Advanced object and table styles
  • GREP styles
  • In-depth look at the built-in Preflight features (Print prep)
  • Make InDesign work better for you
  • '90 minute 50 tips’ tips for design

What you will be able to do...

  • Work faster and more effective
  • Know what to watch out for to avoid printing mistakes
  • Use templates, grids and GREP styles to chisel your designs to perfection
  • Implement our tip guide and double your work pace

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